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This is Mabel and thank you for visiting Dermaly Shop & Skin Wellness (Spa)

My whole life, I've been chasing after what it means to be happy and to have fulfilling life....

In the last few years, I have been struggling with balancing in sustaining this business, my health, relationships, family... 

I ended up signing up for personal development courses (to find out what I was missing) and discovered that I was quite the lone wolf , wanting to do everything on my own, needing it all to be perfect, and fearful of failure. 

I was overwhelmed and exhausted. 

I am now in a Team Leadership and Management Program being trained and developed in effective communication, create teams in all areas of life and a community that is connective, impactful and inclusive. 

Ultimately to create freedom, ease and happiness in life. 

Within this program, a project was created to experience and discover that community. To learn and grow by sharing our stories, contributing our ideas and supporting each other when things get tough. 

I am choosing to make a difference...

where every child feels safe, supported, loved and cherished. Free to be self-expressed in a family community environment.


because I have a 7 year old nephew, who's parents are separated.

Watching him grow up, I had front row seats in watching how the type of support he had, impacts his life. 

Then what?

We are raising funds to donate to Pattaya Orphanage to help orphaned children receive the basic needs, food, shelter and education.


10% from the sale of every skin care product will be donated. 
This campaign will be completed on Sept 27, 2021
Goal:  To raise $6000 CAD

If you would like to contribute and would like to start with something simple such a cleanser, you can choose any of the below OR some kits (we are currently creating):

Luzern Pure Cream Cleanser (click here)
Luzern Pure Cleansing Gelee (click here)

How Do we Track our Progress?

We will be setting up a Total Donated bar to follow the progress (currently in creating) and post any new updates. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email info@dermaly.com

Thank you for taking a moment to read this :D 

Warm Regards,
Mabel Wong