Placing An Order

Q: How Can I Find Products?
A: You can type the product name within the search box located at the top of the page or go directly to "Brands" found at the top.

Q: How Do I Collect Rewards Points during shopping?
A: Click here and read STEP 1: REWARDS POINTS, to find out how. 

Q: How Do I Use A Discount Code?
A: Click here and read STEP 2: CLAIMING DISCOUNT CODES, to find out how. 

Q: What Happens After I Place An Order?
A: Click here and read STEP 4: AFTER PLACING AN ORDER, to find out how. 

Q: What Is The Currency Of The Listed Price?
A: The prices are in Canadian Dollar

Q: Where Did Dermaly Shop Online Come From?
A: We are a locally owned Canadian Small Business

Q: Why Buy From You?
A: Your purchases from our site helps support the growth of a Canadian owned small business. We want to create an education platform and get you connected with active clean skin care products to help you and others in over coming their skin conditions. Our products have gone through our Dermaly Team first, including the Founder Mabel, before it's given a green light to be posted up here for retail. 

Q: How Do You Determine The Estimate Arrival Of My Order?
A: Because we are a locally owned small business, we do not store a huge amount of stock quantities on our shelves. This ensures the products are always fresh and moving. There is also timing with when the vendors send us a re-stock before we are able to ship out more. We provide an estimated arrival time of your order based on standard procedures (When items are in stock). Your purchases helps support our growth which allows us to expand inventory stocking, improve on shipping options and speed up parcel arrival times.  


Product Information

Q: How Do I Know If A Product Is Right For Me?
A: We do encourage our customers to consult with a skin care specialist (Esthetician or Physician) prior to purchasing new items. Most of our product web pages are categorized by skin types. If you would like to take advantage of a free skin care consultation with one of our experienced professional skin consultants please email us at

Q: How Do I Receive Free Samples?
A: Trial samples will be randomly selected and included in each order based on the items you have ordered. Some skin care brands do not product trial size samples or their products and some items may not be available for sampling, in this case, samples from other skin care brands will be added to your order. 

Q: How Do I Qualify For Promotional Items?
A: When there is an active promotion, coupon codes will be provided that can be inserted upon check out. You would add the promotional item directly into your order then add the promotion code. Promotional items will be listed in the subcategory for each brand.