Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale- PRO Light Coverage: Brush Set

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The must-have Jane Iredale Brush Set, featuring essential mineral makeup brushes crafted with the finest fibers.

Designed for effortless application, these brushes deliver flawless results with every use. Elevate your makeup routine and achieve a gorgeous finish with these high-quality brushes.

What You Get: (3 Items)

Foundation Brush

  • A large, flat synthetic brush with medium-density bristles.
  • Luxuriously soft.
  • Use to apply any liquid foundation, gel or cream. Ideal as a blush brush for achieving more intense color.
  • FOR Disappear: Used to apply Disappear all over the face for blemishes and redness
  • FOR Smooth Affair: Use for even application of primer to face and neck

Camouflage Brush

  • A small, flat synthetic brush.
  • Luxuriously soft.
  • Use for covering and concealing with cream-based products.
  • FOR Disappear: For precision applying and layering product onto acne with out caking

Blending Brush

  • A dual-length brush ideal for applying both powder and cream-based products
  • FOR Dream Tint: For light soft application of foundations without being heavy.

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