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Luzern Brightening Ritual (Night Treatment Kit)

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Four essentials that will boost your skin and give you a natural and healthy glow. A perfect layering system for repairing visible signs of dull skin. Follow this ritual to leave your skin feeling replenished, refined and radiant. 


Au Vin Exfoliating Pads 
Oil-free cleanser removes surface impurities without stripping, drying or irritating.  An infusion of cucumber, witch hazel and citrus leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Serum Absolut V15
Reduce signs of redness and provides long-term relief by helping restore skin to normal sensitivity.

La Nuit Retinol Creme Luxe 
Luscious lightweight oil leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky to the touch and helps soften the look of emerging lines and wrinkles

La Nuit Hydra Enzyme Masque 
Boosts cellular oxygen uptake to increase collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis which promotes microcirculation to enhance skin luminosity


Step 1: After cleansing, apply Au Vin Exfoliating Pads (1-2x/per week, PM)

Step 2: Apply Serum Absolut V15 (2-4x/per week, PM)

Step 3: Apply La Nuit Retinol Creme Luxe (2-4x/per week, PM)

Step 4: Hydra Enzyme Mask (apply 1-2x/week, PM)



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