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NUFACE WRINKLE REDUCER+ (Attachment for Trinity PRO+ Device)

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What it is:

Give wrinkles the red light with this FDA-Cleared LED Red Light attachment for your TRINITY Pro+ Device, designed to help reduce full-face wrinkles and promote circulation around the eyes, mouth and forehead.

What it does:

  • LED red light attachment is ergonomically designed to reduce lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead
  • Helps to promote circulation
  • TRINITY Pro+ Wrinkle Reducer Attachment is ONLY compatible with the Trinity Pro+ Device (sold separately)

Whats Included:

  • 1 NuFACE Wrinkle Reducer+ red LED attachment for NuFACE Trinity Pro+ device
  • This attachment requires the NuFACE Trinity Pro+ device

How to use:

(See Video)

Suggested Usage:
-Always begin with a clean face.
-Move the device slowly over target areas for three minutes each.
-The device will emit a soft tone every three minutes and automatically shut-off after 21 minutes.

People with the following should not receive treatment:
-Subject to seizures/epilepsy
-Have a cardiac pacemaker
-Have electronically implanted devices
-Pregnant women
-Have active cancer or tumors
-Persons under the age of 18
-Those who have been diagnosed with or suspect thyroid problem
-Those with topical or synthetic steroids
-Those with sensitivity to light or those who are using medications that cause the skin to be sensitive to light



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