Youthful Hydration Revival Trio

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This collection includes three PhytaGlow products boost moisture, smooth skin roughness and strengthen weaken skin barrier.

*Can also be used as a post care kit to enhance your micro-needling treatments, for intensive skin regeneration, nurture and accelerate collagen.


What you get:


✔️Hydration Boost: Visibly hydrates skin with high levels of Triple weight hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5
✔️Silky Smooth Skin Replenish Moisture Barrier and reduce moisture loss
✔️Plump + Youthful: Targets all levels of skin from surface to in depth with High, Medium, Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic


✔️Boost Collagen Regeneration: powered by ProVitamin B5, Silk Amino Acids, and collagen-boosting extracts
✔️Silky Skin + Reduce Inflammation: Provides a plush, youthful texture while improving skin elasticity. Soothes.
✔️Moisture Lock: Enriched with Kukui + Watermelon Seed Oil and antioxidants to prevent dryness.


✔️Youthful Skin: Restore elasticity, firm, more youthful looking
✔️Smooth Complexion: Growth Factors, Vitamin B, Peptides for radiant skin
✔️Boost Skin Barrier: Gardenia Stem Cells + Centella Asiatica, repair, soothe damage, boost hydration, soft, supple skin

What's Included?

Full Size:
Hyaluronic Hydrate Booster (30 ml), Moisture Boost Facial Oil (30ml), Rejuvi-Cell EGF Cream (50ml)

Small Size Blend:
Hyaluronic Hydrate Booster (15 ml), Moisture Boost Facial Oil (15ml), Rejuvi-Cell EGF Cream (50ml)


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How To Use

Layer in this order, after cleansing and/toner..

1) Hyaluronic Booster:
Apply 1/2 -1 pump onto a finger tip, then distribute evenly to 5 points on face (forehead, each cheeks, nose and chin), then gently and lightly spread evenly all over face and toward neck. (do not rub into skin for long duration)

2) Moisture Boost Facial Oil:
apply 2-3 drops to face and neck OR add to your moisturizer. Use AM and/PM. Start with 3 times a week or apply as needed.

3)Rejuvi-Cell EGF Cream:
Apply a small amount of the cream to your face and neck, and gently massage it in.

You can use it in the AM and PM or use it exclusively as a Night cream.

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