How Summer’s Been Going!

Creating The Summer Experience

Summer is nearing to the end and I hope that you have been out enjoying sunshine, beaches, lakes and travel. 

Wanted to share a different kind of post to say "Hi". 

Since I won’t be travelling by airplane for a while, with those restrictions going on, for the first time in my life living in Vancouver, BC, I  actually made the effort in checking out some places to capture those vacation vibes.

I still wanted that white beach and white sand… so any place that was close to that was a bonus. 

Here are some places you can add to your list, if you haven’t.

I’ve visited some very nice places for the first time. Funny thing is...

You would think since I lived here most my life I would have travelled all over BC or across Canada by now. 

Keep reading to discover where you should go next summer...


Places To Escape To In British Columbia

Golden Ears Provincial Park- North Beach

Wow! Lots of tall cedar trees! You can smell the wood and I found a small lake inside. The water was turquoise blue and clear. I felt like I was in a tropical place. 

Best place to go for a swim! I usually don’t like swimming pools because of the chlorine. So this was a treat! I haven’t swam for 6 years. 

Tip: The best place to visit if you want to get away from your phone or anyone trying to reach you because you won’t get reception here. :)


Okanagan Valley


I’ve always heard about it, there were A LOT of wineries and it’s amazing how people’s homes are right in the middle of the field.

There were LOTS of fruit. I got to pick up some locally made jams, blueberries, cherries, tomatoes and bell peppers.

Tip: When it’s mid to end August we didn't find blueberries on our way back, and the cherries were quite over ripe. So it’s best to pick some up before then. 


Shuswap, Mara Lake

Came out here over the weekend for an online course. After a day of sitting for hours at the chair, I was glad that I had access to this area to unwind.

The waters were so clear. I stood thigh deep into the water, cold at first but very refreshing. I felt all my tension melt away.  

The water left my skin so soft. Nice mini spa treatment. :D

And talk about FRESH AIR!! It was very crisp and smooth. Felt like I was getting lung detox. 

Tip: You can access this lake from the highway, there’s a visitor parking area. The rocks on the beach were large and going into the water the rocks were slippery. Be Careful. If you’re looking for white soft sands you can visit Shuswap Public Beach. 


Cultus Lake, Chilliwack

Visited here for 1 day, and it was super smoky due to the forest fire. Luckily, the beach which I was in, was less smoky.

I’ve always heard about this lake, and for the first time I came here I was amazed at how clear the water was, and it was surrounded by mountains, trees and large open skies.

Tip: Bring a BBQ grill and some food. As I was walking by towards the lake, everyone had their grills out. I got so hungry and only had a bag of chips and fruit. Lol. Next time I will be more prepared. 

Also, make sure you take a dip in the lake, it’s refreshing!! 


Hornby Island (Hawaii of BC)

Through this discovery I realized BC had so many beautiful pockets of escapes and I can now appreciate that I have access to locations where people who pay to fly here to visit. Before I took it all for granted. 

There’s one place I have placed on my “to visit list”, yesterday someone told me there was a place with white sand and blue water that was nicknamed “Hawaii of BC” . It’s Hornby Island.

That’s my next place to go.

You can check that out!

If you have any amazing places, please share and email us at!  Would love to add to the list. 


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